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Welcome to Design Peach

Design Peach is a website filled with sweet, bite-sized ideas for the home and garden. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your home and garden spaces this season, then you’ve come to the right place! The site will constantly be updated with fab looks, trends, how to guides, decorating ideas and fun makes!

About the author

I’m Callum and from 2012, I have worked as the head of content, PR and Social Media at a leading tile retailer in the UK. Working closely on a daily basis with magazines such as Ideal Home, Real Homes, Good Homes Magazine, Living Etc, Your Home, Style at Home, Grand Designs Magazine and House Beautiful, I’m constantly coming into contact with the latest interior design trends and decorating ideas for the home and garden – both in the UK and from all around the world! If these fantastic trends and ideas don’t really relate to the tiling world, then they’re wasted in the content I write for the tile retailer. So, I decided to collate them here – in Design Peach, my very own website!

Endless home and garden ideas

No matter what room you’re looking to decorate, you’ll find tonnes of inspiration in on Design Peach, and don’t forgot to follow us across our social media channels, where the sweet, bite-sized home and garden ideas never stop coming!

What makes Design Peach different?

I don’t come from an interior design background. I have a background in writing creative, engaging, and understandable content, so I really used to struggle to decode the jargon that I read in a lot of interior design reports and posts from designers and stylists. And I realised that there really aren’t many blogs that break it down, and explain it in simple layman’s terms, in a way that real people with real houses and flats can understand, take away, and apply to their own home and garden spaces. Life moves faster in a world where all of mankind’s knowledge can be accessed from a device in the palm of your hand – and people really don’t have time to digest whopping great essays anymore. That’s why the premise of Design Peach is simple, relevant, and of its time – ‘Sweet, bite-sized ideas for the home and garden’. With these posts, I like to keep things short and to the point and, often, if you scan the page, you’ll find a short, sweet video that re-caps all the key points from the post.

Bathroom ideas

The bathroom is a very important space in the home. In a world that seems to get more and more stressful by the day, the bathroom is that sacred place where, at the end of a long and tiring day, we can lock ourselves away, run a bath or switch on the shower, and just relax! Creating your own spa styled sanctuary where you can relax and unwind should be your main goal for this room, and in our Bathroom Ideas section, you’ll find lots of great tips and ideas for creating one!

Kitchen ideas

Often called the ‘social hub of home,’ the kitchen is the place where lots of us converse with our friends, family and loved ones. Wherever it’s at the breakfast bar in the morning when we’re chewing toast before work, or whether we’re chatting with pals over a coffee, or whether we’re serving up dinner in the evenings – it’s a busy area, so it’s got to be robust, functional, and it’s got to look good. As you might have imagined, here at Design Peach, we have all manner of ideas for creating a kitchen that’s easier to use and nicer to look at! And you’ll find them all in our Kitchen Ideas section.

Living room ideas

The living room is a space we can relax in, but also a place where we’re likely to entertain our guests. So it has to look quite stylish, as well as functional. Lots of us also eat in our living areas these days – meals at the dining room table are becoming a thing of the past. If your living room is starting to look a little drab or dated, and you’d like some fab ideas for giving it a makeover, head over to our Living Room Ideas section!

Hallway ideas

The hallway gives your guests their first impression of your home (the interior at least), so it’s got to look fantastic! It’s a busy space so it’s got to be robust to withstand the footfall, as well as useful as you leave and enter the home. The hallway is also often quite a narrow and long space, so it can be fairly difficult to decorate effectively. But fear not, here at Design Peach, we have endless ideas and inspiration for creating your dream hallway space. Explore them all now by heading over to our Hallway Ideas area.

Dining room ideas

Although it’s becoming a rarer occurrence to use a dining room on a regular basis, it’s good to maintain it if you have one – even if it’s just for special occasions, such as dinner parties with your friends, game nights, or that special roast dinner at Christmas time! Sitting around a table together as a family at the end of a day is a great bonding exercise, which we’ve gradually grown away from. At some point, it became easier and comfier to eat whilst lounging on a sofa in silence and gawping at Netflix. Perhaps a dining room refresh might help you change your habits, if you’ve suddenly got a nice, stylish space where you can enjoy the meal together as a family and – you know – talk to one another. We’ve got plenty of ideas for your dining room over in our dining room ideas section.

Bedroom ideas

The place where we kick back and rest after a long and hard day, the bedroom is even more important than the bathroom in the relaxation department! Whether we’re unwinding with a book, catching some Z’s, or watching TV whilst having a Saturday morning lay-in, the bedroom has to act as the ultimate recuperation suite. We think a bedroom should be practical, cosy and comfortable, and we’ve got plenty of decorating tips and suggestion over in our Bedroom Ideas section.

Garden ideas

Lots of us neglect our outdoor spaces, but in a world where living space is becoming more limited, the garden actually provides the perfect space to utilise. When done correctly, the garden can serve as an additional room! You’ve paid for the space, so why not make the most of it? By creating a sitting area, adding a summer house, or building an outdoor dining space, you increase the amount of usable living space available to you. And, often, you’ll increase the value of your home, too – which is always a positive!

Here at Design Peach, we’re also big on gardening! We think that stress is one of the biggest threats that faces our modern way of living and it’s well-known that becoming more green-fingered can help to reduce stress, so we’re all for it! It’s also a great way to produce lots of yummy We’ll be sharing lots of gardening tips and must-have products to make your gardening even easier. Browse our Garden Ideas section.